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                             Books we've written   (Our books are also available on Amazon, Google author's name in a search) 


                                                        A Definitive History of the Somali Cat                         

                                 1998 Lycos Award

                                                                        White House 2016  - The Next Republican Race For The White House begins
                                                                                             Anthony's Blog


                                       The Italian Pottery Forum - The place to go with questions about Italian ceramics   

                                                                                              See other gifts available on Zazzle.

                      Walter is now a contributing writer for   The Glass and Pottery Review   newsletter                                                                                                                    

                                          The Star Trek Rocket Pistol by Remco, American 50's & 60's rayguns
  Karen's Star Trek Rocket Pistol is featured on
a great collectibles website.

                                                                                  Missy our English Toy Spaniel

                              National Dog Show Invitations, 2003 Banner, Missy & Piper each received one!

                                    Puppies! Pictures of the 'kids', our first litter of English Toy Spaniels  

                                                                                             Scoopit The Quick Thinking New Card Game

                                  See other gifts available on Zazzle,

Shop world famous brands
(Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Barbie and more)
that you can personalize,
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